About Us

Why are we so different?

Kinetomatics is key when it comes to teamwork and flexibility with a drop of perfection. This goal of determination is what we put into every project.

Currently we are a two-man team but we operate as one, bringing graphics and code to one solution. More specific, Kinetomatics is founded from both of our names:

  • Thomas Kinet - software engineer
  • Mathias Kinet - graphics engineer


As brothers, we form a solid base and this is what we build on for every project. We followed the same education and use the same principles but we specialize in different areas. This gives us a head start since our communication is optimal, we know what is realistic for one and another, we are passionate and believe in what we do.

Our philosophy is to excel in 3D visualization and code design, putting this together to create amazing apps and games. To say it differently, we offer the best of both worlds which gives you the best resource in making something truly special.