Immersive Learning

The goal of this project is to combine large scale tracking and immersive content. Starting from Unreal Karting, we went the extra mile and made a case study that is 5 times larger in tracking space to highlight the scalability and flexibility of our solution. Since we depend on hardware for the tracking part, which will mature more and more, we first focused on getting the location syncing as optimal as possible for single player gameplay.


This demo is a great way to showcase our custom calibration method because it allows student drivers to experience, drive and practice as if they where on the actual road but within the safety of the virtual world. The low resolution surrounding is a downscaled version of a high density point cloud model to accurately compare the position of the player with our custom calibration method. All of this can be monitored real-time from an UE4 server.


UE4 / Meta Quest 2 / 3000m² laser scanned point cloud data / location synced tracking using 2 point calibration / C++

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