The fast and ever growing digital world is a fascinating place. Here at Kinetomatics, we offer you that same feeling through the fields of our expertise. Next-gen visual, interactive entertainment and much more are ready for you to be discovered.

Stunning 3D Visualizations, we've got it! Always wanted your own app? Your dream is our inspiration for App & Game Development. Fast and up-to-date products is what you get by using our Code Design.

Your curiosity can lead you to bigger and better things, even here. Take your time, you might be surprised.


Our Projects

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Original started as a student project but quickly began to live its own life. This
A final year student project made with a team of 9 game developers. It's a unique game
In the search for better graphics without any performance loss, the goal of this project

Latest News

It's been a while since our last update but we have not been standing still. No news is good news but nonetheless, we're planning some awesome stuff!

Reanimating our wizards wasn't a trivial task but better late than never, we proudly present their first comeback at the stage.

As you might have noticed in the project section, our wizards are given a new style but we are keeping the gameplay to the original con